Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm putting off packing order to write this blog entry.

It was a crazy weekend.  First, the party (as previous post has stated) was crazy.  So many friends from so many different social circles - from high school through to fellow tour crew members.  Good times.

Saturday night, I went to Joe's Pub to catch my friend Heather Christian's show.  Check them out here.  I highly recommend their music!  Here's a stage shot...

I do like Joe's Pub, but from where I was - rather close to the stage, the speaker coverage isn't very good, so the show doesn't feel very present.  Bummer, considering how much I love Heather's vocals.

Still, good concert.

The next day was spent doing some tidying and organizing around the apt, but generally consisted of taking a shower and putting on some nice clothes to go to the A View From the Bridge opening night at the Cort Theater on 48th street.  I met up with Ashleigh, my gorgeous date, at Bond 45 for a quick nibble of cheese and some wine.  Well, I had a couple glasses of wine, Ash had a dirty martini.  Not important.

What IS important is the party.  Ash looked stunning (see below, courtesy of Ash's Facebook...)

Great party - famous people and good food, what more could you want?

But then it was Monday morning, and back to the shop...

Things are coming together.  We began to test the sound system this afternoon and I got my totally hot go-button installed!

Nerdy?  Why yes.  Yes it is.

Masque Sound has really taken care of us on this one.  They've happily modified anything that we've needed - cutting holes, rebuilding pieces of hardware...etc.  There have been certain freebies slipped to us too...very hush hush.

OK, once again, far past my bedtime.  Off to York on Friday night....less than two days left...

Listening to: The XX, "VCR"

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