Saturday, January 30, 2010

"fake it till you make it"?

OK, just finished the first day of load-in.

It went well, though it was a little frustrating at times.  Most notably, due to the searching for various adaptors and cables and such.  We were not nearly organized enough on the out at the shop.  Notes for next time.

Getting out of the shop was a little hairy.  Due to various obstacles, we were left with less truck space than originally promised.  On two separate trucks.  So, Drew and I had an early morning in the shop to get the truck pack figured out again.  Success.  The trucks packed fine, there was entire INCHES to spare.  What a luxury.

Packed up our stuff and headed to return the rental car in midtown.  Sat down, had a few beers, ate some food, and caught the train out of Penn Station headed for Harrisburg.  As it turns out, an ex-fling of mine was staying in the same hotel as I was that night...with her new boyfriend.  Sorry, Simon.  Anyways, got to Harrisburg just fine, found our ride to York, and eventually made it to the bar in order to have a few beers with the rest of the crew at a quick production meeting.

Tomorrow is a day off (awesome.)  Sleep, food, sleep, food, sleep.  In that order.

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