Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I think one of the hardest adjustments is the morning commute.  Where's my dunkin' donuts coffee on the subway listening to music?

It's surprisingly hard to be social at 7 in the morning before any coffee - I'm used to ramping up to being social.

No recent posts, only because very little interesting has been going on.  There was a massive, full-crew, 7-hour bar crawl on Saturday night after our first day of load-in.  Thank god there was a day off on Sunday.

The day-off was very laid-back.  I've been trying to kick this cold (and have nearly succeeded).  Load-in is going....well.  There are constant road-blocks.  Every job takes far too long, requiring far too much thought.  Then again, I guess that's what happens with not-enough shop labour.  The main system is in, just screwing around with com and some onstage foldback.  We'll be ready for quiet time on Thursday night, no problem.

OK, dinner time.  Then Lost Season 6 - awesome.

Listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Rockers to Swallow"

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