Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boredom pt. II

Ahhh the sweet sweet boredom of sitting in tech.

We were supposed to start at noon today, but the 26" of gorgeous powdery snow we've gotten in the past 24 hours made the roads impassable until 3 this afternoon.  Cast got onstage by 5...and we're still on Cue 1.

OK, an hour later (it's now 7:30) and we've gotten through the first couple numbers of the show - go us.  My script is chock-full of sound cues already.  For example, take a look at page 2...

It's been a pretty fun past couple days.  Ani Difranco was in town to play a show on Wednesday, so 5 of us bought tickets and attended.  I was impressed by a) the number of men there and b) the number of 8-10 year old kids there.  I guess her fan base has widened in the...7 years it's been since I last saw her live.

Definitely not the best concert I've ever been to.  It sounded fine, the musicians were all fine...but it just had a weird vibe to it.  It was a big open hall and her energy didn't fill it.  She obviously didn't want to be in York ("Well...I can't say I've ever played York before...") and she was playing a lot of new stuff that people didn't know as well.  About halfway through the concert, she started playing requests and all older tunes which really got the show going...just in time for it to end. Ah well.  The concert was, of course, followed by copious amounts of drinking.  All before the next day's 8am call.

Since then, it's just been about finishing up the load-in, prepping for cast onstage.  They've had a few hours of flying rehearsals and now we've dived into tech.  Yahoo.

Listening to: Ni Hao Kai Lan theme song.  Shoot me now.

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