Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodbye, Connecticut.

I'm sitting on the bus, having showered and changed into my PJ's.  These 3-show days really knock me on my butt.  First show - totally fine, get through it.  Second show, you sit down at places for Act I and aren't half way there yet.  Intermission? Only just half-way, feeling the burn.  Top of Show 3? Good lord, get me out of here.  Intermission - end's in sight, just try to keep focused.  Good luck with that.

The worst part is that after show's only 6:30.  It leaves you to drink on the bus...or just sit in your room, watch TV, and stew.  The hardest part about the tour lifestyle is the downtime, the alone time.  I found myself getting really down last night, watching Harry Potter.  I just felt totally alone.  Wallingford, CT might as well have been Timbuktu or Shanghai.  Very far away from the people I know.

Perhaps that will settle down in time - as I get to know the crew better, as I adjust into the lifestyle...still, I look forward to getting back to NYC in April.  Definitely a few people I miss a lot.

Not really much to say about Wallingford.  Never got a chance to explore, really, whatever town there might be here.  We went out for a lovely company-paid-for steak dinner at a local steakhouse on Wednesday night to thank us for the whole Toledo-WilkesBarre-Wallingford day.  I don't think the company expected to spend quite as much as they did....oh well :)

The snow we missed in Wilkes-Barre DID fall - 26" of it - so our early departure and canceled shows were indeed the correct decision.  I'm glad I got the day to walk around Wilkes-Barre with my camera (though I still haven't put up any photos from that walkabout. There should be some good ones though.) Wallingford, after load-in, has been boring.  2 3-show days in a row mean I've been mixing, sleeping, or watching TV. And that's about it.

Tomorrow brings our first area load-in.  Penn State University's Bryce Jordan Arena.  I've never loaded in an arena before...but I guess tomorrow's the first.  Oh goody.  Until then, goodnight.

Listening: Ani Difranco's "Dilate"

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